Keep Your Exhaust System In Great Shape For Better Efficiency

The exhaust system on your vehicle consists of much more than just a muffler to keep the noise down. Today's exhaust systems are their own enclosed complex mechanisms that scrub the exhaust of pollutants before releasing it into the environment. It can also help with your fuel efficiency by allowing for a cleaner fuel burning process.

If you start to notice an increase in noise when driving your vehicle, especially when accelerating, that can be a sign that there is something wrong with the exhaust system. Occasionally road debris or simply corrosion can create small holes in the exhaust that allow gases to escape in an uncontrolled manner. Another sign that something could be wrong is a decrease in fuel efficiency. If your oxygen sensor is not working right it can cause your vehicle to release more fuel than is necessary.

If you notice either of these symptoms or your vehicle needs any other type of service, you should call the experts in our service department here at Peacock Hyundai Brunswick in Brunswick, GA today.

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