A Few Warning Signs that Your Car's Exhaust is Leaking

The exhaust system in your car has to move dangerous gases from the engine through the pipes and then out the end of the tailpipe behind the car. These are a couple signs a leak might be occurring in the exhaust.

If you have the car running and open the hood, you might be able to hear a leak evident by a popping or hissing sound coming from the exhaust manifold. If you move to the tailpipe, a leak might cause a whistling sound periodically.

If you notice a drop in your fuel economy, the culprit might just be a broken exhaust pipe. When the pipes are rusted, leaking air disrupts the system to the point the engine has to work harder, burning more fuel as a result.

If you've noticed any of these signs that the exhaust system is failing in your car, come visit Peacock Hyundai Brunswick so we can have our technicians give the vehicle a closer inspection.

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